Get PAID TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES thanks to this NEW cryptocurrency TOKEN!

PolyPlay PLAY Token JUST LAUNCHED and they are already creating gaming tournaments where you can win real physical prizes AND CASH PRIZES blockchain gaming is the future so let’s hear how PolyPlay hopes to create that! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

PolyPlay PLAY token just launched on Pancakeswap!
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PolyPlay is a new token that has launched on the Binance Smart Chain BSC built to empower gamers and crypto investors with a new crypto blockchain tournament gaming project! PolyPlay and their PLAY token is so excited to us, coupled with our background in gaming we have actually stepped on as an advisor. We are still reviewing and diving into all of the details associated with the PolyPlay team and PLAY token but their partnerships with ASUS and popular blockchains and other crypto projects have shown they are already onto a very exciting start! Here’s the PolyPlay PLAY token interview featuring BC Simon Brandon Claudiu Simon and PK Pritesh Kucheria!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Gamers empowered by cryptocurrencies
01:39 What is POLYPLAY?
06:41 What blockchains will POLYPLAY support?
12:19 Tokenomics to support GAMING TOURNAMENTS
20:26 Polyplay is a global tournament platform CS:GO, FIFA, LoL, DOTA
28:53 Creating a succesfull business around a cryptocurrency
31:54 Providing gamers a better way to make a living by gaming
36:10 Community trust and utility

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PolyPlay PLAY token interview and review