and @millerter legit?

Hey does anyone have any experience with as they have the kd5 (on there Twitter for around $1530. This does seem way to good to be true but still checking if anyone has experience.

I posted the same question. She contacted me on Twitter as well. I agree with others - there are too many red flags for it to be legit.

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I think it’s a mistake on their website. I actually had a KD Box delivered to me last week. The product is in good shape. $KDA to the moon :rocket:. Love from Spain :es:


I was also a bit skeptical at first, but in the end decided to try it out. Was out of options. I received my CK Box miner 8 days after I placed my order. Good service :+1:

So the only people that have bought from this place have all just joined in the past few minutes… Yeah, it’s a scam.


Yep. Two different threads updated with two different users, both new today. Sad how desperate they are.