Getting hooked up?

Hi, I am trying to Connect my 3 Antminer L3++ Asic units. I cannot find any information on what type of Pdu I need to Connect to as I am starting to mine out of my home. I recently started watching the Vosk mining chanel on YouTube and have found myself hooked. I want to thank Vosk for his videos. He really seems to care about the little people way more than just looking out for himself. You truly do love what you do and it shows. Thanks, Tim.

If your breaker panel and your house’s electricity load (80% rule) can accommodate it, have an electrician install a 30A 240V L6-30R outlet. Buy a 30A 240V PDU (like Tripp Lite 1230). You can power about 6 L3+s with this setup. You will also need to allow for A LOT of fresh air replacement. And of course, the noise.

Tripp Lite PDU link:
PDU power cable (for S9s and L3+/++s) link: