Getting started with asic mining

Hi everyone
I planning to buy an asic miner however there’s so many websites and im sacred I may be scam
Can someone please send a bunch of Legit websites to buy S19 PRO
very much appreciate

If you go to this website

then select the miner you want

Go to the bottom of the page and there are several listed to buy from.

The most popular I have seen talked about from Vosk, Jimmy, and others is

Good luck

thank you

As I type this, you currently can buy an Antminer S19j Pro 104Ths direct from Bitmain,

An alternative to going balls deep with your first ASIC would be to pick up an old Antminer S9 from a reputable seller on eBay. It won’t produce much BTC, maybe $2/day depending on hash rate, but it’s a cheap way to learn for a month or two before making a 5-figure $ commitment. Plus you’ll have some payment protection with eBay.

Once you get bit by the mining bug, you can later use the S9 to experiment with a diy immersion cooling system for those pricey S19j Pros!

Anyways, good luck with whatever you choose.

yes the S19 110TH are now very rare and super expensive. You are better off looking at the 104, 100 Th models or even the 90TH for the best ROI. You can also find some preorder deals that are very good. Asicwarehouse has a S19 90TH for about $8,000.

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Prices are getting spicey $$$$$!! xD

I bought a L3+ on Newegg, got it in 10 days had it running in half an hour and am making about $7 dollars a day. Its been fun so far.

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I started with a MINI DOGE and one GPU, I am waiting on my identity verification to process and then I am buying a S19j PRO 104TH off Bitmain VOSK hooked me up with a link

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Hey. I am selling a brand new s19 pro 110 th/s. DM me of you are interested. I’m located in the Chicagoland area. Asking $18k OBO

Thanks man and thank you very much

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