Getting started with mining farm

Hey, I’m looking to get started as a mining farm at a warehouse. I am a big planner so I want to be able to see everything that I’m going to need to look for, and certain aspects that would make my life harder that I should stay away from.

I know at the warehouse I’ll need to install ventilation and cooling, would you guys recommend contracting it out or DIY?

And as for the electricity, how do you check how much electrical capacity the warehouse has? (Not the amps x volts but i.e. 5-10 MW facility)
And with an electricians help of course, is it safe to use a step down transformer to step down the 440-480V electricity to 220-240? I remember on one of Vosk’s videos, he said don’t use a transformer because it’s dangerous but I don’t remember if that was just for home use.

Also, do I need a computer set up there or can I just run the ASICS with the internet they’re connected to? Is the computer there just to see how the miners are performing?

Thank you and sorry for the long post

I would buy one miner and try it out at your house before jumping into a warehouse.

Ya I was going to do that, I’m kinda OCD with planning so the warehouse will be far down the road, and I haven’t started with a miner at home yet because I’m in California so the electricity costs are a bit too high for me, so I’ve done some miners with Compass.
But I was just wondering about the aspects that wouldn’t transfer over from home mining to a larger scale mining such as the electricity step down.

Thank you for the quick response!

Hey, Welcome aboard, hope it’s a bull run for you.
That’s a huge question, maybe break it down into smaller components, become more familiar with the vernacular we use and stuff like that. You can never read too much about this industry. Voskcoin does a great job with his videos and stuff so stay tuned in right here.