Getting started

Hey vosk community,

I’m looking to be apart of a btc mining farm in eastern europe third world country, where we have the opportunity to acquire a small hydroelectric plant that produces around 400 kwh but i don’t have too much knowledge in the btc mining field or actually in the hydropower plant field.

How can i value the plant to see if its a good deal?

Do you guys know of any good guides or videos to watch?

Regarding the equipment I thought to start with the Antminer S19j Pro 100TH/s as its not sold out and is doing pretty good in the ranking. Should i look into used or its too risky?

Is there a company that consults with everything here? How much on estimate do they charge?

Regarding the cooling I’m thinking to start basic but eventually look into an immersion system.

What are the unexcepted expenses i can run into and how much can they be?

Appreciate any insight on the most important things to look out for and check