Gigabyte 5600 xt Windforce 6gb Hiveos Overclock options

Can you share the overclocking settings of your gigabyte 5600xt cards in the hiveos operating system?

These cards are bios modded as well!!

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I have 2 Gigabyte cards with 3 fans. 2 Sapphire BE and 6 MSI Gaming X. Since they are bios modded they all read as PowerColor though. If you wanna talk about modding them for more performance you are welcome to send me a message.

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I am new to mining business my video cards Gigabyte 5600xt Windforce 6gb model, can you share me the bios file you put on your video card
The main thing I wonder is how many mh do you get and how many w electricity your cards are drawing please help me

Hey sorry took a few days to respond. Been a very busy week over here. Each of my 5600XT’s is at 43.1 MH and about 95 watts.