Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A cannot boot from SSD or USB

hey guys,

i’m having this issue where, even when i try EVERY fix there is on the internet, i cannot boot from my fresh win10 install SSD, or ubuntu,kali or hiveOS from a usb thumb drive…

I’m totally lost. SSD used to be found in the Bios when it was brand new, but now that i installed Win10 Pro on it, it cannot find it ( boot priority has been set )

Now for the usb drive, it is found, but cannot go through and boot (when in UEFI and Legacy mode in CSM )

Mining mode was set as enabled and disabled during the 5 days of troubleshoot i went through lol… :’(

Has anyone had this happen to them ? Have you found a fix for it ?

Let’s talk about it !

Thanks a lot guys

what is all connected now? do you have multiple GPU’s? did you try with only one GPU or none?

hey meaty, i only put a GTX 1050Ti for it to boot with the PCI-E slot 1, a keyboard and a mouse.

when trying a linux distro, a usb stick, when trying windows, just a SSD with a fresh win10

and it will not even boot into bios? did you try without the GPU? maybe try a different GPU also

it boots to BIOS, but i cannot get past bios, power shuts off and reboots to bios… :frowning:

In BIOS, make sure to set default settings then ensure the RAID/AHCI setting is set to AHCI. M.2 and SATA drives may cause one or the other to be disabled. For instance SATA port 0 and M.2 port 1 may cause disabling of one of the drives. Otherwise if BIOS can’t see the drive, it may be a bad drive or cables. Again, Nvme drives show up on a different page in the BIOS . You said the boot order was correct, In Windows it would be Windows Boot Manager. When booting press the F-key corresponding to select boot order. For me that is F-12. A list of bootable and UEFI drives including DVD and Thumb drives show be on the list

Good Luck