GitCoin contribution question

So, as I mentioned a couple of places, it wants me to play gas fees that are literally thousands of dollars to contribute a few bucks to a grant. The zkSync seems to reduce this down to about $20… but, I thought I heard that this would prevent you from getting any air drops? Is this true, or just a -maybe- sort of thing?

Curious if you were able to donate. If so, did you receive an airdrop yet? Or know when it should be?

No, it turns out it’s multiple fees, and I burnt about $13 in Eth to find that out :stuck_out_tongue: The whole Eth network seems pretty unviable right now with the crazy gas fees to do even simple things like move coins.

Yeah I had to pay a good amount just to donate as well. I think I payed about as much in fees as the actual grants! hahaha