[Giving Away] Innosilicon A6 1Gh

Giving away an used A6 LTCMaster. 1gh on Scrypt, so its LTC+DOGE.

Bought this thing a few weeks ago in a WeChat ASIC reseller group. It was super late and the convo was basically all ETH ASICs, so I wasn’t thinking properly I was thinking I was going to pay like $800 for a 1gh ASIC on Ethash :joy:

Anyway, its not worth the rack space after electric for me so I’m giving it away.


  1. name + location
  2. why you deserve to win.

Giveaway ends 6 May 2022.


I will pay up to $300 for express shipping to you.

USA - this will cover 100%
CA - this will cover shipping. If there are customs, its your responsibility to pay it. I will declare this at $200 value. You do the math.
EU - this will cover shipping. If there are customs, its your responsibility to pay it. Same goes for VAT. I will declare this at $200 value. You do the math.

SEA countries - this will cover shipping. I will try to use a special line for you.

India - not giving away to India. Sorry. This item ships from China and due to your gov’s tarriffs and insane customs, I’m not dealing with that. If you win, you can choose to have a freight forwarder manage this for you at your expense. Pick up from Shenzhen China or sent to any address in China from SF Express.

Africa/Middle East/South America - I’ll pay shipping. Customs is your problem.

Winner will be chosen by number generator. Please submit by May 5th.


Dude , just sell it … and donate money for some sick children…

I think to write this in personal message , that I will donate all LTC and DOGE income for sick children , but it has 1500 watts , and I also have problem with eletric capacity… so I cant help you…

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Would be my first ASIC.

Jim Fox

I’m a military veteran who recently just got into ASIC mining for the first time and love it. Being that I’m a single parent, my finances are stretched to the max after buying my first ASIC a few weeks ago and would love another one to help provide a bit more financial freedom.
Matt Bos

Would be awesome to get. I’m currently looking at selling my gpus and moving to asics. This would be my first asic. Thanks for the chance!

I have a couple of Goldshell boxes but I am looking to get into bigger ASICs. This would be an amazing first step.

Thank you for doing this giveaway.


Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a very cool giveaway. I am a testicular cancer survivor who is just starting to get into mining. I cannot afford a big Asic miner right now and have been looking for used Asics as that is all my budget allows. If i were to win this Asic it would definitely be a great boost to get me more into this hobby and possibly help my family and I financially.


South Dakota

I love crypto. The decentralization. The confidentiality. The potential financial aid it may provide me. Thank you for the opportunity.


What’s Up, Community,

  1. CryptoConsole from the USA
  2. I am a newbie miner. I made my first $1.46 from Helium mining in the last four days. I made my first $0.06 on 4/26/22. I want to learn more about mining. I will try to make the A6 LTCMaster a profitable miner and make good case studies out of it.
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I don’t think I deserve to win any more than any of the other posts, but it would be cool.
I live in a small town in Iowa and and am trying to build some passive income. Thanks for the
chance to win.

Good evening my name is Liam and I live in Marquette, MI.

Just getting into mining and need out research

Thor Tellefsen

I never win these. Lol
But I’ve been saving up to get in to mining. I have recently put up solar.


im indian but i live in dubai and am really interested in mining but my income doesnt support me being able to buy any mid or upper tier mining devices so i currently have 1 l3+ which i still mine on because my accomadation includes electricity, so i can make the most out of inefficient asics

it would really mean the world for me to get this A6 because with it and my l3+ will help me get more income which inturn i can put towards more mining devices. thanks


Hey. This is amazingly nice of you. I would love this. I am in meath, Ireland and it’s cost prohibitive for me right now to get into mining. I’ve been following vosk for a long time now and am so jealous of all the miners he gets to test. I’d love just one. I would be so delighted to be in the mining game finally. I hope you can consider my comment as an entry. Many thanks. Glyn

I am in NJ. I am looking for additional ASICS to put under Engineering Fluid to test out what level of pump / radiator is needed to cool them. I have an innosillicon a10, 500 mhz with only 2 working board currently going through its paces, but still working on radiator size needed and trying to figure out if it is really worth it. If I was using the heat to pre heat my hot water heater it would make perfect sense, but blowing the heat off the radiator doesn’t seem all that more efficient than the 2 fans on the box compared to a pump and a radiator fan. So, in general looking for more ASICS for a science project. Anyone have any burnt out non profitable ASICS, I could use them, too.

I would use a new Asic to help me cover my current expenses since our company have gone down with the pandemic and the well planned destruction of the USA.

Hey Liam Congrats! You have won. Please send your address details to me via PM.



Amazing I won🥹

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