Global Source for mining equipment

Does anyone have any experience with Global Source. They are like Alibaba and I think they have presence in Texas. They have miners at decent prices but before I pull the trigger I want to make sure they’re legit. Thanks


Did you Pull the trigger on Global Source?
I am looking for more L3+ and I found them.
Decent price but you have to purchase 10 minimum.

I have found one good source from GS and they delivered a ST box for me and It’s working as expected. Let me know if you need their contact number and I can share it.

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Yes please do. Thank you!

Is this even legit? It looks to good to be true. What do you guys think?

I inquired about it yesterday and have yet to get a response. I can keep you updated if you would like.

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use the search. Several have asked and some replies make it sound SCAM

@SandeepKarnati Can you share the contact number for the source you used at GS?

Thank you!