Global Sources- scam site or not? To be scammed, or not to be scammed, that is the question. Take a look at the prices in these pictures or visit their website and tell me what you think. Some of their prices seem a bit low. If anybody done business with these guys or know anyone who has, I’d like to hear all about it. Thanks, Patrick. Screenshot_20211205-233953_GlobalSources|248x500 is much like they are websites to connect you with suppliers. These sites don’t screen all sellers extensively, and many shady companies slip through the cracks. Also a common technique is to advertise a low price then hit you with a larger price when you inquire. However it’s very easy to get ripped off, without an agent in China there’s no way to properly vet the companies on here.

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just as Aaron said they are there to connect buyer with supplier, you have to do the screening by your self.

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Greatly appreciated. Yeah, it definitely has that Alibaba and wish feel to it. Not sure what to do from here. I really like those prices though. What are your KD 5’s and E9’s selling for? Do you even have any E9s? are they even out yet?

E9’s no, those aren’t even out yet as far as I’m aware. I have 5 different suppliers I work through, not one of them has the E9 or has any word on whether its released or not. Seeing as I got access to the XP’s 2 days after Bitmain announced them I would say it’s safe to say the E9 has not been released.

Best seller it says, :rofl: that right there tells me they’re a little shady or global sources didn’t do any research at all on these so-called distributor. Shit like this really pisses me off :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I’ve got a few friends that want to invest with me and build a little mining farm with around 8 to 12 of these miners producing upwards of a million dollars a year.

it’s really bad they don’t do any research before publishing

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Best seller, yeah right they’re not even out yet