GlobalCrypto.Exchange: Free tokens and staking

This is a new upcoming exchange with the following goal: “Global Crypto Exchange providing a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange 2.0 which is safe, secure and regulated with Tokens held of the exchange itself. Global Crypto platform allows users to trade any cryptocurrency through a single point of access from anywhere at anytime.” I know there are a lot of sites that already do just this. They will give you 1000 of their “GSX” tokens just for registering an account. From there, you can stake these coins for 1 year. It states 0.1% daily profits on staking. I started this on 5 Jan and as of 29 Jan, I have gained 9 more tokens from the staking. It does not compound the staking gains which would be nice. If this platform still exists in a year, then maybe these free tokens will have some value. Why not give it a try?

Referral link:

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Here’s a shot of the staking page:

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i’ll check it out thanks :+1:

First off, thank you to those that signed up under my referral link!

The launching date has delayed 3 months to June 20th and the staking gains have not increased since my original post despite my staking all referral bonuses. They have added a Technical Paper and an Ecosystem paper that sound great but I’m skeptical at this point.

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