Gold Shell Mini Doge Miner

Ordered my miner on November 24 and it arrived the other day! So that was a success.

It came in two boxes. The miner itself, and a separate GPU power supply which I thought was a bit odd, instead of the normal brick power supply that most come with. The Miner was also a blank box, no graphics printed on it. Also, one of the heat sinks broke off in shipping. :frowning: bummer, but not the end of the world.

The hiccup is the power supply they sent me doesnt even power on. Any else experience this?

I’ve ordered a new power supply that should be here tomorrow, but I’m curious with the broken heat sink, the broken power supply, and no graphics on the miner if the QC/QA department in Hong Kong is starting to slack a bit.

Any else with a similar experience?


did you jump the PSU? you could do it with a paperclip. Goldshell website has a tutorial on it.

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Any quick link to this paperclip hack?

Found it. Nevermind.

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I have a ck box and a mini doge, and neither one has any graphics, just the serial number sticker. I believe the ones with the graphics are just special release ones, no difference besides the graphics on them.

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What site did you order from?

CerealMarshmallows on YouTube also received one with a loose heat sync. I think they use some special temp conducting adhesive from the factory. Contact Goldshell and see what they say. I wouldn’t use it without that attached.

I have some with graphics and some without. I also have one Doge with special colorful led fans and that one also has no graphics.

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Same here, my mini doge has the color led’s as well, but no graphics

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We are up and running with a steady 180ish hash rate. Using F2pool for now.

I will say these are awesome to store under my desk at the office. Very little to almost no fan noise, and very little heat produced.

I’ll be looking for more to add to this. If anyone on here has some for sale, please feel free to DM me. I bought this one direct from Coin Mining Central and shipped out of Hong Kong via DHL.

Looks like there are a few guys state side on Ebay with them for sale if your looking for one as well.

Congratulations on getting your Mini Doge I have a farm and so far so good.

The power supply you received looks like the first 1 I got and you need a power supply jumper to get it to work I got this 1 works like a charm.

SDTC Tech 24-Pin ATX Power Supply Jumper Bridge Tool PSU Test Starter Without Being Plugged Into The Motherboard

Graphics on the actual miner depends which “drop” you got from Goldshell. My KD box has no graphics while some of the Doge boxes have different graphics. Doesn’t matter all the same hash rate.

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