Gold shell mini doge overclock

Has anyone changed the factory mini doge settings of
725mhz 0.72v 50rpm 50rpm

I’m hesitant to mess around with it but I have managed to run the miner much cooler and would like to try overclocking

To access the settings you click 10 times rapidly on
“Miner” above the MAC address near power plan

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No, but I wish I could just run the fans higher. 77C seems a little toasty to me.

I put a small fan behind the miners
Dropped temperature over 10 degrees

I believe they or ASIC machines have a temperature range and I thought better to run on the hot side. Am I wrong about these machines liking it a bit warmer?

Hey Justin_monti, welcome aboard, hope it’s a bull run for you.

The cooler the better is my understanding

When metal gets cold it condenses, which may alter electron flow. Oh hell I don’t what I am talking about, never mind.

Mine on brothers and sistas’

The cooler the better. You yes the metal condenses but does not slow the electron flow. Rolling blackouts generally only happen when it is hot and lots of power being drawn on an overheated system causes hardware failures in the electrical system. They have thermal switches put in place that shut systems down before terminal damage can be caused. The electricity will work regardless but is less efficient at higher temperature. When a solid is heated up, the atoms in it move around. This means that the electron clouds will not be in the same place all the time, and sometimes an atom’s nucleus will “get in the way” of the electrons streaming through the conductor. Also, if an atom is heated up, it can hold more electrons for a longer period of time before sending the extra electron or electrons away and continuing the electrical flow.

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The Best dude, thank you, I bow my head…thnx.

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Hollowing this thread now. Does the overclocking actually work? More profitability?

Great question,saw a couple videos on YT about overclock goldshell minis but no follow ups vids …very curious myself?

I tried it on my Mini doge and nothing changed. im sure someone will figure it out…

I tried it as well. Just tweaked it ever so slightly. Performance went down and i had to factory reset it. Not messing with any longer. It does what it does and that’s it.

I changed mine a bit, it’s been running for 2 days now. It is nothing that we can call overclocking magic, but it holds my average hashrate a bit better… not enough to make extra $$$.


Temperature hasn’t been an issue either (totals for 6d).