Goldshell - $65 off Mini Doge 2

Hi, I see Goldshell are offering $65 off the retail price of a Mini Doge 2…

I think that currently payment is via Coinbase / crypto only - I wondered if people considered this to be Safe?

That might be a scam site.

This is the real site,

Also their is a coupon for 50 off. It is DOGE50


I’m not quite sure what they mean at the bottom, when they say “Must be Ether n/w”
I was hoping to login to Coinbase and transfer the money there…

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Many coins and tokens can use a different network they are saying if you pay through a network other than Ethereum, such as Arbitrum or Optimism, they will not receive the tokens and your funds will be forever lost and the transaction will not be valid leaving you tokenless and minerless.