Goldshell Box Miners-What is an acceptable HW error percentage rate?

Mine…(no pun intended)
Mini-Doge: 0.49%
LB-BOX: 0.21%

My reject rates are…
Mini-Doge: 0.18%
LB-Box: 0.00% (just give it time)

Obviously not major, just wondering.

This is a great question Vosk has a video on 2 Doge miners as examples and one is clearly ahead of the other in reject rate. he just brushed it off as, well, that happens.

Built on Monday vs built on Wednesday deal I guess. Better chips and better silicon.

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I feel like I saw somewhere on Goldshell’s website that if you are below 5% rejection, don’t worry about it. Yup, here it is straight from Goldshell…

“This is a normal phenomenon due to fluctuations in computing power caused by network fluctuations or chip systems. As long as ratio of HW Error/ Nonces is less than 5%, it is fine.”


Hey Guys,

I didn’t get the 5% of what? Can someone pls explain…