Goldshell box, which one?

Already running 2 mini doge boxes. Want to add a third. Suggestions on which? HS or KD

I read that kd has dropped in profitability with the increase of miners.

HS does not appear as profitable, but, some are saying can also do SIA coin?

What’s your input and experience. Sound like bs?

Ps still waiting on my helium miners :frowning: thank you!

Quick example on HS: currently HS5 is able to mine SIA and use less power at the same time. But I haven’t researched yet if HS box can do the same…
Yes, I noticed a drop on my KD box, but it’s still profitable and I think it’s on sale this weekend on the official Goldshell site!

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i ordered a HS and i’m trying to get a KD (damn wallet and these 8 days waiting), even if it goes down a bit it is still OK in my opinion!

i’d like a doge because of the 2 crypto, the HS also because it’s capable of 2 ( but not at same time)