Goldshell, Buy Second or Wait for First?

Got lucky with a mini doge on order. Want the LB-BOX for NiceHash. But should I wait until I have some experience with the mini doge?
My power supply will be a EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G+, 80 Plus Gold 750W, Fully Modular, FDB Fan, 10 Year Warranty, Includes Power ON Self Tester, Power Supply 120-GP-0750-X1 (already arrived), as I thought I would want another box.

If you have the money and that it what you want I would say just get it. I had a few trials setting up my kd boxes, but nothing that was too crazy once i put the pool address and box name in the right order I was a miner making money in my sleep. I got lucky with a mini doge as well and am waiting for it to come. I am running the same PSU.

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Thanks. I think I know how the PSU wiring is supposed to work, but might ping you if I get jacked up.

Hey @Silverknight the key is going to be to use a power supply bridge tool on the PSU. I am not 100% certain you will need to buy this separate as @VoskCoin has mentioned in multiple videos every EVGA he has purchased came with one. Once you plug it into your wall if it doesn’t turn on just pop in the bridge jumper/tester and you should be good to go.

Thanks. Amazon reviews say it comes with everything needed for the Goldshell boxes.