Goldshell Cancelled my order and is not refunding my BTC

Good Morning Everyone,

I come here with a “first time long time” comment :slight_smile:

I ordered 2 goldshell miners this last drop and I never received a confirmation email. I transferred the bitcoin to them and was given an “order received” screen. The status was “waiting” for the longest time so I emailed them, and they told me it was pending too long and cancelled the order. They told me to “bear the loss myself” in regards to the crypto refund. I have a coinbase transaction number and the refund page says that is required for a refund. Does anyone have any experience like this with goldshell? This is frustrating beyond belief. Its my first dive into mining past helium and does not give me the best vision of the company.

Thanks for any replies. I’m here because of the great youtube content. Keep it up :slight_smile:

what did you order?

Are you sure you ordered from their real site and not a scam site? Some of the scam sites are really convincing.

Yes, I ordered the mini doge and an HS-Box miner.

I had the same thing happen to me. I reached out to chihiro at goldshell.

he fixed everything for me. It took a couple weeks for them to get it all sorted out. As of now my order went from placed to cancelled now it says processing and I received a invoice