Goldshell Doge Mini Power Question

@CryptoMike, do you have to plug it into a 220v outlet or can it plug into a 120v outlet? That was my biggest holdup for not purchasing one of those PSUs.


It works perfectly well when plugged into a 120 V outlet. That’s exactly what I am doing and I have no issue running four miners at the same time with the Goldshell power supply.

The only thing to be aware of is the amount of watts you withdraw from your outlets. For instance, if your outlets are connected to a 15 amp breaker and your voltage is 120 V, then the maximum power that can be withdrawn without possibly starting a fire is (0.8)(15 x 120) = 1440 Watts, where the calculation is scaled to only reaching 80% of the maximum allowable wattage. I recommend watching Voskcoin’s video on this, it is easily one of his best and makes the whole thing super easy to understand. This of course would be something to consider if you decide to run more than four miners on the same outlet/room, but if you are not going to run more than four miners per room, then you are more than safe to do so because the most wattage you’ll be using is 940 W.

Happy mining.

Did you end up buying this PSU for your 3 doge mini miners? How is it going now?

I got my mini doge plugged into my 120v outlet wall no problems using the psu that came with my mini doge.

i thought you were getting 3 of them. i got 3 coming and need the correct power supply.

If any one know if I can replace a broken 6 pin internal power connect with a standard 6 pin asic connector pls lmk. It look it that work. The connector to my older mini doge seems faulty. I need to replace it and the power supply connector cord. Lmk if someone know where to find these supplies.

Do you guys run the mini doge straight to outlet or should I buy a APC power strip?