Goldshell Doge Mini Power Question

Very new to mining. I purchased a Mini it is supposed to arrive in a couple of days. However, I found out that it only takes 220v, which I know is not in the US. Can I purchase a converter, or do I put it on eBay?
I live in NYC in an apartment. When I read the webpage, it states it was all in one box.

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I don’t believe it takes 220v. It uses 233 watts of power, but I’m pretty sure you can power it with a normal ATX power supply for a PC, if needed. They link these instructions on the product page that show you how: Instruction of ATX PSU – goldshell miner

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As stated above, it only takes 233W of Power. I run my off of a 750W Gold Power Supply. I am running both the Mini-Doge and a KD-Box off of the same power supply comfortably.


the miner runs on 100V outlets, so you should be fine as long as you have a power supply to power it.

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Ok, Thanks. I purchased their power supply, but the connecter is a Europen or China plug in the wall. My question is do I get an adapter to plug into my outlet. Or purchase one of that step-down / up-down converter box? The ATXPSU instruction manual. I read something about shorting two points(sorry don’t know what it’s called), but they are saying two short with a paper clip. Is that only for testing the power supply, and I can plug it on once when I get the converter to change
thanks for helping the utterly confused :grinning:

You can use any PSU cord for their power supply. They just shipped the cord for the china region. You can pick up a power cord for it pretty cheap on Amazon.

I got the Goldshell power supply, tested it with a power supply cord I had sitting in my basement and it works with no issues. I plan on using it later when they release another box that I might want.


when plugging in your KD Box, which port do you use on the PSU?

Dhoulmagus, nuts,

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me

It is just a 6-pin connecter and you would just use a VGA Power Rail to supply power to it from the PSU. It just uses 6 of the 8 pins.

8 pin PCIE on power supply, 6 +2 on KD Box, just don’t use the +2

I’m new to mining, just ordered 2 Goldshell mini Doge Miners, could someone send me a link for a power supply, I want to get 1 power supply and run both miners off of it, if that’s possible
Thank you

can you please send me a link of your PSU? looking to run 2 minidoge from 1 PSU
Thank you

I’m using this one:


Thank you, and you can use one PSU for 2 minidoge with no problems?

Do you connect to it to VGA or some other port?

I want to get this one, will I be able to run 2 DOGE miners off of it?

Hi @Dhoulmagus, if I purchased this PSU would I be able to power three of Goldshell’s box miners?

I think it should safely power 3 of the box miners. Just depends on which three bo miners you are talking about. 3 Mini Doge miners would probably sit just around the 80% mark at 699w. While three KD-Boxs would sit around 615w. I would just keep it at no more than 80% of the max power of the psu.


Thank you for looking at the PSU @Dhoulmagus. I was looking for the Amp and Volt rating for the PSU to make sure it will meet the requirements for the Box miners. Where is it on the listing?

Just as an FYI: I’m running two miniDOGE and one KD-BOX on one of the Goldshell 4-box PSU - no issues.