Goldshell drop last night

I got the Twitter notification last night from Goldshell.
2 seconds later I go to the site and it was already crashing. I reloaded a thousand times to get to add the KD box to my cart and no luck. Made it to the coinbase payment page and it kicked me off.

I woke up this morning and checked my orders and found that the KD box was still in my order page! I paid it up and am praying :pray:t3: that it isn’t too late.

Anyhoo hoping for the best🤞🏼


Nice! It is extremely hard to get them when they drop. I have never had any luck on the kd box, just refresh about 1,000 times and either the site crashes or the miner is out of stock. I wish they would create a signup list or pre-order to give more people a chance. Anyways…congrats on getting your order in!!


Thanks! An email list would be the best, I emailed Goldshell regarding this. Try setting your Goldshell Twitter notifications to the loudest alarm :alarm_clock: you can find. Get get ready to enter that password and click add to cart while pushing reload over and over to force it through. Who knows, it might just end up on your orders list like mine did. Wishing you the best of luck!

Thanks, I have their twitter notifications setup. I have been on their site within 1 minute of twitter notification and you just have to be diligent and a little lucky! They posted something yesterday asking for suggestions and I mentioned the signup lists/preorders. DX pool is also just as hard for new drops, they have a little stock on other miners, but everyone wants the kd box right now and I refuse to pay double from a scalper, I am ok with not fomo’ing in. I will just keep trying and it will come when I am supposed to get it! Congrats again!!

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I finally got a KD box yesterday after trying for more than an 2 hrs and trying multiple times over the past 3-4 weeks. It’s an exhausting process as It was midnight when they released the lot. Can’t wait to get my hands on the box. Wish you luck in the next lot.

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Thanks again. Keep trying, don’t give up. I noticed they cleared the site yesterday…so that’s probably a good sign new stock will arrive soon. (check back next week to see if they clear their site again) It dropped late last night early wedesday morning. So glad I stayed up, I had a hunch. Trust your intuition and best of luck!

Came in at 1:25 am California time. Sold out before I could check Coinbase.
After looking over the coin chart, and already “pumped” goldshell and dxpool hardware prices, not chasing this anymore myself. For 3 of these I can finish my solar array.

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Why do a pre-sales list when they always sell out even after continously raising prices? Until they raise prices so high that they don’t immediately sell out, they are golden, protected by a shell of greed. A Goldshell.

It makes no difference to them, but it would make it easier for some people to actually get a miner. They could make it opportunity based, you have the opportunity to buy at whatever they are charging at the time it is available.

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OMG! I scrolled down and found another one in my cart! :shopping_cart: I guess refreshing 1000X and mashing the add to cart button like a wack a mole game worked! :hammer:

Paid it up and now hopefully 2X KD Boxes :package: :package: are on the way :crossed_fingers:t3: :airplane: :small_airplane: :flight_arrival:

I got invoices for both KD boxes emailed to me. I hope that means they have it. :pray:t3:


Thank you Jesus! :pray:t3::heart::pray:t3:

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I guess you are extremely lucky. They said they’d only allow a single KD Box per person

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I’m so grateful :pray:t3: I’ve been trying for months.

I’ve been interested since they were 1200. Then the kda price skyrocketed and I’m not willing to pay the premium now. They went to 1800 then 2200 now 3800.

Not to mention they increased prices on the CK Boxes as well.

Making it harder and harder to get into the projects that I’m actually interested in.

I understand how frustrating it is.

I was stoked and surprised that I had the same scenario of having 2 KD boxes in my cart waiting for the payment after a day later of the actual drop. I tried countless times on the checkout page only to find myself not moving forward to payment page during the drop time. I paid for both of the boxes and got confirmation from Goldshell about the orders being processed. Can’t wait to have my hands on the boxes.

Does anyone know the next goldshell drop?

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No one knows for sure the best way to know when it does it to follow them on twitter and turn on alerts for them. But they do have a pattern of dropping on Wednesdays, they have for the past 3 in a row

Looks like a wasted loss of sleep :sleeping: No drop today

One good thing about living in EU :rofl:

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