Overnight, China’s Central Bank (the People’s Bank of China) stated on its website that all crypto transactions are illegal, according to Bloomberg. This is why Bitcoin is significantly down overnight.
So, how will Goldshell sell their products if the only way to pay is crypto?
Whether an off shore holding company will be kosher is yet to be determined.

I’m hoping they will go to credit card but I highly doubt it. I sent them an email, waiting to hear back.

It’s basically the weekend there, so you may not get an immediate answer. And they need to figure it out.
Please keep us updated.

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My old brain says that they added Stripe for CC. But there’s a fee.

They should add credit cards at this point since you can’t do anything transaction wise with any coin. Only problem I see about that is people who never mined are going to get involved in mining because you don’t need to buy a miner with coins. It’s going to get even harder to find miners, BUT it’s going to weed out a lot of scammers who are looking to just scam ya for your coins.

I was wrong. It was a cloud mining company not goldshell