Goldshell Firmware


can i see some where what was fix or bug in a firmware from Goldshell


yes… but cant see what has fix or not…

what was fix from 2.24 to 2.25 ?

First, 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 for which mining rig? Second, the Github page is maintained by Goldshell. If they don’t publish a readme file delineating the changes from one version of firmware to the next, there’s not much I can do to help. The readme file that they do publish isn’t particularly informative.

You could try searching through the open and closed “issues” to see if anyone had any problems upgrading from one version to the next.

Lastly, you could send an email directly to Goldshell support asking them your question. With rig demand down and Bitmain seemingly eating their lunch, Goldshell might be a bit more responsive than they had been in the past.