Goldshell - Handshake coins... what now?

So, I picked up a few of the new Goldshell Handshake BOX miners and got them up and running. They’re mining Handshake in the DxPool which is all recommended through Goldshell’s tutorial. But the question is, what/where do I send Handshake coins or exchange them for something different? What is the recommended exchange for this?
I know Vosk has mentioned in earlier videos… but can’t remember where he goes. is kinda the only game in town right now - I’m a bit frustrated with that. But it is the place to be, at least for US Citizens. No US exchanges AFAIK list HNS.

Try Coinex!!

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I just set up CoinEx to receive my HNS and LBC. Looks like the best option to me.

A little pricey at times but ive never had an issue. Good luck

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