Goldshell has restocked!

Hit the website now if you want first dibs!! :v:t3:

Nice one for the heads up. Just bought 2 KD-box pro’s

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Good deal Max. Congrats!!
My site can’t touch those factory direct prices. :joy::joy: I don’t even care as long as people get involved!!

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no one can touch l7 paypal g and s for 9k either

I was dealing with Apexto and sadly they can’t get near the prices either. Only problem I have is Coinbase delayed the payment due to verification issues and now I am chasing Goldshell to see if the payments gone through and order will be compli. Grrrrr

Nothings ever easy in Cryptoland ha ha ha

It looks like they restock at 0600 US CDT on Wednesdays. It has been an hour or so later before they announce the discount codes on Twitter.
Last week they had some sweet discounts $69 off for the first ten people to use the code.
I got four Doge Miner Pros for $190/each.

24 hours later and kd box pros are still in stock, unbelievable! Think we may see another price drop in the weeks to come?

They’re always restocking. Sign up for their email notifications