Goldshell HS Box Connection Issues

Hi All

Can anyone advise… I have just taken delivery of 4 new HS boxes. Power and internet connection all appear fine. However, when I try to access the admin page for the miners it tells me that whilst there is an internet connection the miners will not communicate with the admin page. I have never had this problem before with my CK boxes. The new HS boxes have a wifi connection which might be the problem. Would be grateful for any help.

Goldshell should really send this document with the wifi miners. Each wifi enabled miner has its own hotspot. So you could also connect to each of them wirelessly and configure them to connect to your home wifi or to ethernet (method 2 in this document).

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Hey JoeJoe
Thanks for the heads up and the quick reply. I’ll certainly give that doc a read and see if I can sort this out. I prefer to see these little things busy rather than sitting quiet on the shelf …

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