Goldshell HS5 Chinese to American wire cable

Hey guys so I recently received my HS5 Goldshell miner, it comes with a chinese cable rated 16a 250v
from the wall to the machine it’s a CH2-16R --------- IEC 60320 C19.

Now I’m in Canada so I can’t plug that in my wall, I could buy a C19 to C20 cable rated 20amp and plug it in a pdu then to the wall… or buy a C19 to a Nema 6-20P rated 20amp and then to the wall.

The problem is on the original C19 Chinese cable the Live and the Neutral are on opposite sides as the 20amp c19 ( see pictures)

Anyone else ran into that problem?
Is there an issue connecting the 20amp c19 cable into the miner even though the live and neutral wire are opposite side as the original Chinese wire?

I hope I put enough details. Thanks.

Here’s the 20amp wire