Goldshell hurry

Restock at goldshell go get them!!!

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KD-Box gone in 2 minutes and overpriced at $3,800. Still that’s only a 9 month ROI. But they offered a KD HS LB bundle for less than that a month ago.

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i hear ya, i bought my KD Box for $1200 back in the day. lol


i managed to get the kd box lol
just kept refreshing even after it said they dont have enough


Thats a good plan. Alot of times people dont have the funds and then the Box goes back to inventory

Lot of options today. Looks like lots of stuff still available.

Nice! You’ll prob get it before me!

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Missed the KD-BOX again… literally logged in as soon as I got the tweet, added to cart and it was sold out.

Did the same as you @dawg but wasn’t that lucky…

I just want my first ASIC without paying x2+ the price because of scalpers. :sob:

You need to stay persistent at this if you want the difficult-to-get miners.

I was lucky enough to get a batch of miners in December, but I literally was trying to submit my order for about 3-4 hours. This morning was so easy, I was shocked, but I guess I was just fast enough/lucky.

TLDR… Goldshell miners are not sold out until the product page says so. Even if it says they have “-7” units in inventory. lol

Yea I know, I was at it trying to check out till it said 0 remaining and then it went to out of stock, no luck with the Christmas box combo sale either, nor the one before or the one before that.

I’ll be forced to buy from a reseller at 2x the price at this rate.

Not specifically replying to you, @Old_Gregg

For those who have not purchased miners before and missed out today, you may want to consider buying an unexciting low priced one (e.g., LB-BOX) to get familiar with the process. You have to be swift and ready to go for the making the important ones. There are a lot of hurdles that you may not be aware of if you have not done this before.

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