Goldshell is restocked better be fast

Goldshell is restocked better be fast or it will sell out!

A little late. They were all sold out with 2 minutes of release…an hour ago.


I actually was able to order an HS-Box by refreshing in my cart. I guess when the 1-hour payment window goes by unpaid then the item goes back in stock.

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I don’t have a clue I got the email at 7:00 and didn’t go look. Sorry

What are the best ways to get notifications for this?

Sign up on their website

Things are still available I just put the LT5 in my cart and it was letting me order.

Follow them on twitter. That is the quickest way.

Looks like they can’t get rid of the HS-Box, because they just lowered the price.

I got some HS-BOX this morning, but I feel like their “sale” price is at best fair. The CK-BOX makes more sense to buy at its respective price point. Given CK-BOX is now sold out and HS-BOX is available, I think market agrees.

NEVER SLEEP! hit refresh twitter and your email

Had to Google what a Goldshell was
Nice machine - quite a bit out of my budget
But damn !!

how often does goldshell restock?