Goldshell just restocked

Goldshell just restocked better be fast


Been trying on KD box the link will not show up to enter password

Just ordered 1 KD BOX. You have to click on here

Mine shows empty as I already ordred 1

Mine showed as empty and I had never ordered one.

I get what Goldshell is constantly trying to do, but somehow the effort is always lacking.

Might be out of stock and they took link off

Probably. But if they can make the effort to take the link off, couldn’t they take that one extra step and replace the link with “out of stock”?

Again, I think they’re trying. But everything just seems to come off as a bit half-assed.

Finally got the link and when I went through it they are out of stock…

Must sell out of everything in minutes I had no luck this morning

KD-BOX is finally sold out on main page. LT5-Pro is also sold out.

Looks like everything else is still available. Keep trying if you want some of the other units…

Was never able to check out with the KD box, but picked up a CK and HS on a whim. Now after sending funds it shows transaction failed. I haven’t had to deal with any issues yet, so hopefully they can fix it. First time not checking out using Coinbase, not going so well so far.

Finally got a CK6 after refreshing for an hour

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KD-Box making $12 a day now. ROI 315 days now. I hope KDA recovers some or these prices come down. Goldshell is making a killing on these and so are all the scalpers. I do appreciate Goldshell trying to battle the bots though.


KD boxes are gonna be useless soon. The network added 5 Petahash in one month. When the KD6’s hit it will be over. KD6’s may possibly be pulling down only 19 or less coins a day.

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I know. My 12hr payments have went from 0.75 to 0.60 in a month. Now the last two have been in the 0.59’s. All while KDA lost 60% of it’s value in two months. I feel for people who paid over $5k for them. Some even paid as much as $10k back in Nov!

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It’s going to be less, quite a bit less. Today, my two KD5’s just pulled in 12.89 KDA over a 12-hr period. So adjusting for KD6 hashrate vs KD5 implies 18.8 KDA/day - and that’s before these KD6’s come on line and cause difficulty to spike. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re averaging 12-13 KDA/day by the time they all are hashing - and frankly, it could be less.

This chart is from and unfortunately is limited size, but it shows KDA mining difficulty since 7/16/21, i.e. from 14.64 PH then to 121.73 PH today.


That’s not to say that KDA price doesn’t spike and offset the lower yield per day. But if it doesn’t, it’s going to be very hard to justify today’s KD6 and KD-Box manufacturer prices, let alone with reseller mark-ups. But I could be completely wrong so everyone needs to dyor with objectivity and eyes wide open.


I was being generous. I expected less. it will pull in 150 a day like a KD5 currently. Some day I feel the whole thing is rigged.

True, it’s gone bad to worse and the KDA price has just compounded the loss. Anyway as this is all for future holdings and not short term. Hope we atleast make 1K KDA coins before the boxes give up (assuming these boxes can run for 2-3 yrs of maintained) and see how the price holds up in future.

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I wait for the tweet and email every morning. Today when I got it I was right there put a ckb miner in the cart and at checkout total failure. I also added a lt6 same problem. The system is flawed. I really think it’s a joke at this point.

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You need to keep on retrying. You will not get through the order if you try to do it as a normal shopping order ( try once for payment) they release the stock in an orderly fashion and untill the main page says out of stock that means they are in stock.

I had to go through several hours every time on the release day to get my hands on KD boxes and it took me a month or so to get 2 KD boxes and 2 CK boxes. So good luck for next time.

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Thank you for letting me know how it works I did try many times and even though the item number reads nothing I could not even take that item out of my cart to load another item. I was able to put the lt6 in my cart with a number count of 1 . However during check out it wouldn’t let me proceed because I also had the ck6 in my cart but there was zero stock so I could not proceed. Maybe next time lol I did send them a email but I don’t expect a reply as usual.