Goldshell kd box firmware issue (wrong firmware uploaded) I need to flash

Could someone please help me with the process? I believe I need a flash file…

Go to goldshell home page, click on “software”, scroll down click “software” again, under Yotta MC & fireware it says “get the latest version” in bold, click on that. Then find your machine and download the file. Then put that file in the firmware box in findmygoldshell for that machine and upload. I haven’t had to change it from your situation, but that is how I upgraded to the latest version on my goldshell. Hope this helps

Thank you replying! I appreciate it. Are you talking the cbd file? That didn’t work for me I am told I need the image file which they do not list in the software section. I believe I have to load the image file onto a sd card then boot up with that sd card installed and files ready to go.

If I am incorrect please anyone correct me. I promise to keep the file and pay it forward to the next person I can’t be the only one.