Goldshell kd5 ?!?!?!?!?!

Hello there maybe stupid question but anyone here have one kd5 for sale? Cant find it anywhere :frowning:

Well, I do have some powdered unicorn horn for sale ;). Otherwise, there is this, Goldshell KD5. Fwiw, I know nothing about this reseller. So dyor.

But I’d think long and hard about buying a KD5 at such elevated prices (I’ve mostly seen the few KD5’s for sale in the $60-$70k range lately). KDA mining difficulty is absolutely soaring as more KD5’s, BM-K1+'s and to a lesser degree, KD-Boxes come online and start hashing.

So I don’t believe that $300+ per day is going to last much longer unless KDA starts rising again faster than difficulty is increasing. IMO, at some point fairly soon, KD5’s will drop back down to $100/day or less, which frankly is still fantastic if you paid <$20k for a KD5. But at $60k-$75k? Forget it . . . again, IMHO.

I sincerely hope I’m being overly pessimistic as I’d have a LOT of upside if I am. I just hate to see people FOMO in and wind up with a multi-year payback window, or never breaking even.

And I don’t mean to single out Big Sky. It’s a free market. They have every right to price their products how they see fit.

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