Goldshell Kd6 pre order vs buy direct?

I was wondering if anybody knows of a legit spot to pre-order a kd6? Also, what are everyone’s thoughts on pre-ordering vs buying direct from Goldshell. And is this even possible or will the stock be sold out in seconds.

We’ll goldshell has already had its first pre-order round. So at this point you can only pre-order from vendors. They may have another round but we won’t know until May?

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Goldshell already had pre order lottery, unfortunately I wasn’t the lucky one. You can preorder from resellers for much higher price but be careful of scamers.
I’ve bought several miners from and can recommend as trusted source but the price of KD6 is higher than it was at goldshell.

However, if you think that price will always stay the same I believe you are wrong, it should jump.even higher once its released.

I agree, the prices most likely will rise. Thanks for the feed back guys.

Saw that asic miners us has an unpacking video of kd6 a few days ago. Price on the website has to be a misprint thou.

I took a look at the vid. Have yoy bought any asics from this shop. Is he legit? I saw another pre release kd6 sale with viperatech too. Are they legit?


I suggest to you just buy miners which are stock , because maybe following problems happen for your pre orders as experience which my customers had before :

:small_red_triangle:Maybe delay on delivery until 3 months or more
:small_red_triangle:Maybe producer company increase price on the time of delivery
:small_red_triangle:Maybe refund and some time cannot refund and the only way is paying extra fee
:small_red_triangle:Maybe deliver on time too ,

I suggest you not look for pre orders too .
Its my experience which may help in your choice too .

You are not Goldshell partner because :

  1. you put all companies as your partner
  2. Your prices are not real price , because is less than its real one on KD6 Futures
  3. Your domain is .me
    / .me is free domain sign up first of all
  4. there is no any phone number on your site
  5. the more important thing is this , was scam before , and your domain is

Any way , anybody be carefule about this site .

We source first-hand, so the price is cheap, it’s no problem, you can contact me by email, I can provide our contract with goldshell

This is y so many people get scammed on here it’s not even funny and no one mod the dam thing