Goldshell LB1 x VoskCoin Edition -- 200 UNITS ONLY!

Would like to buy one.

I will buy. Please make more :hugs:

I am very happy with my VoskCoin edition miner. The only thing that sucks is that the price of LBC has gone down considerably due to the SEC lawsuit and the big dump in cryptocurrency in general. All that being said, I do like the idea and project that LBRY are trying to tackle and will continue supporting them during these tough times. For those of you who didn’t get a miner, the MSRP was $899 for the regular and $1200 for the Voskcoin edition. No taxes or shipping was charged when bought directly from Goldshell.

I am stating the actual price payed for the miners because resellers in Ebay are some greedy MOFO’s who are trying to take advantage of you. Please do not buy over MSRP price from them. In fact, you shouldn’t even pay that because you will be charged for taxes and even shipping by these thieves. All they believe in is money and screwing people over, not on cryptocurrency, mining or supporting cool projects. Please keep an eye out on the Goldshell website because they do drop new merchandise at random, but their customer service, shipping, delivery and product satisfaction is awesome. Even though you have to use Coinbase to pay for it, it is absolutely worth it. I really like this company and there is no reason for you to spend extra money on Ebay to get their products. Just think about this, those sellers had to buy the merchandise from Goldshell and had no issues obtaining the miners. This is because the company is very legit. Support the company and not the scalpers/resellers. In the words of Voskcoin and Tails: “resellers who buy to just flip the miners online are lame”.

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I am interested in getting 1.
Happy to be part of great community.


I definitely want one

Good morning pls how much is it what is the procedure for applying or buy it

Unfortunately only 200 Voskcoin edition LB1 miners were ever produced by Goldshell. You would not be able to buy them from the company anymore. However, the LB-Box is currently available at Goldshell and it mines the same token, but with twice the efficiency than the original LB1 miner. They don’t have a Voskcoin edition of the LB-Box, but if you like LBRY and want to mine the token, I recommend getting the LB-Box miner. Another plus is that currently the price of the LB-Box is on discount on their website and it beats all of the prices you’ll see on ebay for the LB1 miners. I hope this helps you in your decision.

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Am I too late:)?

Oh yeah lol
They just had another sale last weekend. These things sell out within 45minutes

I am putting the money aside now! I will have it next to my MINIDOGE MINER X VOSKCOIN EDITION

Me too, putting money aside for the newest release

crazy how high is the engagement on this one, good luck with this interesting project y’all!

I want one too!

I want one too! Add me

I am interested!

You made me buy a bobcat, I hope it works great as I see on the hnt map with everybody else. Love the crypto craziness! Greetings from Robert from the Netherlands