Goldshell LBC LBRY Miner Reviews

Goldshell LBC LBRY miner is the $899.00 price tag worth it?

Where are you finding that price? The only place I found that price was on and they are sold out.

Like anything with crypto it depends on what your goals are. I bought 2 LB1s - was lucky enough to get 1 from Goldshell and 1 from @coinminingcentral. Shout out to CMC - they were very responsive with their customer support!

My goal was to mine LBC and HODL because I support the project.
If you want to look at ROI then you can look at

Did you end up paying the 1399 or so US on CMS?

Yes - to be clear that was 1399 GBP not USD. They are listed for 1499 GBP now.

Thanks for info.

I wish we could go back to the days where pricing was based on 100-120 day ROI instead of this year for ROI now. Sucks that companies are selling products like this at a 75% markup.

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Agree - but at the end of the day they are businesses. In this crypto market they can charge those prices and still sell out in minutes to days!

There are still those timeframes of ROIs around - I bought some KD5s from CMC yesterday. Those are 120 day or less ROI.

OH I agree, crypto is crazy right now and there are plenty of people willing to pay crazy prices. I am currently in a situation where I can not afford to pay the crazy prices for ASICs or GPUs. I have had to switch to more Liquidity Mining and staking to continue to play the game. I will work on building my mining up once some of the craziness has gone down. I wish you good luck.

I bought my Goldshell LB1 on the Goldshell website. Right after my purchase they were sold out. I believe they sold out within 3 or 4 hours.

I ended paying for the unit using Coinbase. I paid $ 899.00 usd using bitcoin free shipping. I was lucky though two week ago I bought a bunch of Cardano on coinbase, and was able to pay for the unit with BTC. After fees ended up only paying 677.00 usd for the unit cause made little money on Cardano.

Now I am curious about that new Voskcoin Goldshell Asic. Wonder what it is going to mine?

Yeah I did my research about LBC and LBRY before my Goldshell LB1 purchase real quick. seems like a cool youtube alternative.

HODL have to look into it.

Thanks - Im fortunate enough to be in a position to buy ASICs. I also have been lucky enough to snag one direct from the manufacturer.

But I’m getting to the point where I need to run a sub panel in my garage to support the power needs when my KD5s come! I wish they all were like my LB1s - quiet, small and low power use :sunglasses:

Good luck to you as well - staking is a no brainer IMO. Take a look at Pancake swap - some pretty big APRs being offered (I have all my CAKE staked - at 130% APR).

Congrats on the kd5 that rig looks awesome. Hope you make a killing with it as advertised. I got the space and power for bigger unit, but I always like to dip my toes into something before spending some serious coin.

I might still prefer just buying crypto over mining. I do believe I need to understand process so small units work.

Thank you for the info - I do need to look at pancake swap and that new monkey banana swap. I am still little intimidated by those sites, and I am slowly still opening up to crypto.

Good luck and I hope you make a killing in this Crypto market.

I am trying to find the Legal entity name and address of
It can’t be found no-where, not even by searching the owner of the domain in

@3DPrintThings it seems you received a miner from Goldshell directly, can you check and share their address and full legal entity name please?

@SillyBullyBoy yes I did receive one direct from Goldshell. Their official website is

Do you have an address of Goldshell company? Can you check the paperwork included in the shipment please? there must be an address. Thanks!

What’s people plan with this crypto. Price target etc?