Goldshell Lite Models newest firmware "Low Power Mode Option"

I noticed the latest Goldshell firmware for all Lite models now have a “Low Power Mode Option”

I wonder if running in this “Low Power Mode” helps efficiency at all?

Anyone have any numbers of KW used vs Hashrate in the Low Power Mode?

KD Lite
CK Lite
HS Lite
LT Lite
LB Lite

Not that it will help much vs the new Bitman miners coming out for KDA and CKB…

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I just tested KD lite with new Low-Power Mode,

Normal Hashrate Mode draws 6 amps on 220v outlet about 1320 watts at 16 TH/s
New Low-Power Mode draws 3 amps on 220v outlet about 660 watts at 12 TH/s,
I need to get a watt meter to check numbers, my Tripp-lite metered PDU shows amps used.

Looks like about 50% less power and 25% less hashrate.
Fan speed about 30% less
Temp the same


i tested the KD-Lite.

Normal Hashmode 230v and 1410 watts at 16,2 TH/s
Low Power Mode 230v and 900 watts at 12 TH/s

where is this Low Power Mode option in the Miner settings? I dont see it.