Goldshell LT LITE

Anyone using a Goldshell LT LITE have feedback to share on it? I’m new to this but couldn’t find much on profitability.

I don’t have a LT Lite but I do have a KD Lite. So I’ll share some experience with that.

My ASICs happily hash away in my garage. Intake air is filtered garage air blown in by a fan through an open and screened window. Exit air goes though ducting and outside the garage through another window.

Bottom line is that on hot days (I live in FL), the KD Lite has a hard time staying sufficiently cool. Almost every afternoon this summer, the rig will shut itself down due to overheat. So I typically lose 3-5 hrs of hashing per day, i.e. until I get home from work to reset the machine.

The KD Lite draws 1330W vs 1450W for the LT Lite. Both share the same fans and produce the same noise level (55 db). So with an extra 120W power draw, those fans might even have more of a problem cooling the LT Lite rig as I believe the Lite series ASICs might be under-fanned (they’re narrow units that max out at ~2300 rpm) for those in warmer climates.

Depending on where you live, the above might not be an issue. But for me, I’ve already been giving serious thought to changing out the fans to units that will move a lot more air, though will produce a lot more noise.

Thank you very much for the input! I live in a relatively cool part of the US so I don’t believe that would be an issue for me. No other issues with it so far though?

None. Just the heat issue. But I’ve only had it for a month or so

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I’m pretty sure you can change those skinny fans to regular sized fans and only have 100 watt increase max but lower temps by 5-10 degrees Celsius!! Try it out!!

That was my plan for last weekend but I ran out of time. Hopefully I’ll find some time this week. I have a few extra fans that I can scavenge out of LT5 Pro for now just to prove concept.

I do have a concern that the extra power usage from the larger/faster fans could trigger some amperage overdraw error in the KD Lite’s programming, which could shut the rig down with a red “error” light.

It’s possible but I’m pretty sure the power draw won’t trigger a shutdown. @ 1330 +/- 10% I think you’ll be good. Can’t see those fans drawing too much extra. Let me know how it goes!!

I just received one direct from Goldshell last week. Right out of the box, 1 hash board has way too many hw errors, so I have to ship it back. It’s a real kick in the balls when I have to pay an additional $160 to ship the board back.

Not having good luck with Goldshell these days. Bought three products, only one had no issues. Two others either return or repairs in progress.

That’s why you should order from Badgerland Home Crypto Mining! I test each miner and take care of any issues such as those before delivery.


So after you find the right power cord, boot it up how do you actually get your iP address? You press the button and then what? When I click the get hub link it’s all in Chinese or it won’t load.

Boot up your miner and connect it to your internet via ethernet cable. The small lights where the ethernet cable plugs into the miner should be flashing green if the rig is connected to your local network.

While on the same network as your rig, you can try If you have a VPN running, turn it off temporarily. If the “find” app works, it’ll bring up Goldshell’s miner management application (defaults to Chinese, but you can change to English in upper right corner)

Alternatively, follow the manufacturer’ instructions to login to your router. For example, I have a TP-Link router. From my home network, I enter into my browser and it’ll bring me to the router’s login page.

Once you’re logged in to your router, search for an IP address that’s not connected to other known devices. Enter the IP address in your browser input line. If correct, it’ll take you to your rig and Goldshell’s miner management application (again, in Chinese initially). If wrong, keep trying until you find the correct address.

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Thanks, I managed to figured it out early this morning by actually using a desk top. I was on mobile with a VPN. Much appreciated.

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For the life of me I can’t seem to find what power cords the Lite series uses. I just ordered a CK Lite. Can anyone confirm whether the the Lite series uses a C13-C14, C19-C20, or something different?

I have the same problem you need t get a plug adapter so you can use in your country. I should get a plug adapter tomorrow. Australia to US plug