Goldshell LT Lite

Does anyone already own a Goldshell LT Lite? With the price of crypto miners dropping, I’m seriously considering jumping in and getting my first real deal big boy ASIC. The price of LT Lite is pretty tempting right now. Does anyone have any feedback on this particular miner? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

I don’t own one, but studied the unit. When comparing stacking up mini LTC/Doge miners it’s the way to go for the amount of hashing per electric consumption & right now you can’t beat the price point. We all have a pretty good feeling Doge (not sure about LTC) will increase in value in the future & this machine will probably be out of your price range when that happens I would strike now while the opportunity exists.

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Goldshell makes good stuff and their Lite series has been especially well designed for home use. The only caveat I would have is that they are over valued compared to the L7, but if you need to be 120V that would be the way to go. The LT5 Pro would be closer in value to an L7 and only a little more cost than the LT lite, they are technically used machines but only for a few months at most.

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I don’t have a LT Lite but do have a KD Lite. So the minor issue that I’ve had with my KD Lite might not translate to the LT Lite.

I live in FL and run my KD Lite hashes away in my garage. The exhaust side ducts through a window adapter and fresh air comes into the garage through another window - though indirectly, not directly via a duct to the intake side. During this ongoing summer, the rig has a hard time cooling itself and goes into over-temp shutdown virtually every afternoon. And since I have a day job, if the rig shuts itself down at 2 pm, it stays off until I reboot it when I get home from work ~6 pm.

The KD Lite comes equipped with four 120mm x 120mm x 25mm fans that cap out at ~2300 rpm. I assume that all the Lite rigs are equipped similarly. Unfortunately, these simply don’t pass enough air to cool my KD Lite on a typical warm summer afternoon. My solution was to replace the two exhaust side fans with 120mm x 120mm x 38mm fans that rev to 6100 rpm. These two fans move a lot of air. So problem solved.

Downside is that noise went up, though not nearly as high as my KD5’s since there are two vs four 38mm high speed fans, and the 38mm fans on the KD Lite typically don’t rev much higher than 4800 rpm. End result is that the 25mm (low speed) and 38mm (high speed) fan combo moves more than enough air to keep the KD Lite sufficiently cool.

Fwiw, I tried using four of the higher speed fans (two scavenged from a now dormant LT5 Pro) but this caused errors. The KD Lite simply wouldn’t boot up without lighting up the red LED. As it turned out, using 4 of the high speed fans proved unnecessary.

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@Zilina I also have a KD Lite and have overheating issues. Can you tell me what fans you purchased for the exhaust? I tried 2 fans but it errors out and will not start up. Thanks in advance.

@L-82 Sorry to hear that you’re having the same issue. I had a couple of extra fans laying around in case one of my rigs burnt one out. I didn’t want to lose days of hashing because of a $15 fan. I had bought 4 of these:

I don’t think anything is special about them. They’re 38mm thick and rev to over 6000 rpm. That said, I didn’t consider amperage. Perhaps these worked because they only draw 2.0A each?

When I tried to use all 4 fans initially, I got the same error issue that you seemed to get. You might even try 1 of the higher rpm 38mm fans on the exhaust. All you’re really trying to do is draw a bit more air across the heat sinks.

Another alternative I considered but I didn’t need to try was to leave all 4 original fans running, but install a 6" duct inline ventilation fan attached to the intake side"%2Bdiameter%2Binline%2Bventilation%2Bfan&qid=1660104046&s=industrial&sprefix=6%2Bdiameter%2Binline%2Bventilation%2Bfan%2Cindustrial%2C68&sr=1-6&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.18ed3cb5-28d5-4975-8bc7-93deae8f9840&th=1

There are a few guys on eBay that sell dual 120mm fan-to-6" dia adapters that should work great on something like the above.

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My 2 Goldshell KD-lites are so much nicer than my KD5, super quiet compared to the KD5 and the lite uses only 1330 watts. The LT-lite looks to have the same sound level as the KD lite.

I’m trying to find a vent that’ll fit around a lite series from Goldshell. Haven’t had any luck anyone have suggestions

@Indigo_caye By “vent”, do you mean a shroud adapter to which you can attach some 6" dia ducting such as this?

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And this is the size needed to fit kd lites?

Yes. But don’t trust a guy on the internet. Measure one of the fans up, edge-to-edge. Also, consider the exhaust duct size that you need, e.g. 6" vs 8" dia.

Fwiw, I have KD5s and a KD Lite and they use 120x120mm fans (the KD5 uses 38mm thick vs 25mm for the KD Lite). I use 6" dia ducting and it works fine for my application.

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