Goldshell LT5 compared to many L3s

Does anyone have any experience with the Goldshell LT5? is it a good machine, or should i stick to many L3s?

L3 is barely profitable low efficiency ancient heavy used piece of tech. With current exchange rates, do not recommend. I trust you have proper power supply to discuss LT5. Anyway, look into Goldshell 5 x. way more efficient and can work with a regular 120volt outlet, but causes me pain after each reboot.

Thanks for input, ill look into these more,

What kind of issues after rebooting?

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and what were ya sayin bout L3’s ? lol


for 1000$ ;… i cant complain


I have 3 of the L3,s and lately my hashrate is 490mh/s, im still fairly new to mining, how do you increase them to that rate?

:point_up_2: hook up with DA L3+ MASTER LOL

ya get someone to tune it for ya like i do over remote support :stuck_out_tongue: search for Master3004… plenty reviews lol

Thanks ill look into that, need to keep learning more, i like the L3s, but they are pretty much all i have currently, want to buy more in the new year,

all sold/spoken for tho

Awesome! Good machines, not too loud or power hungry

Mine does not want connect to the pool as easy as Antminer. I dance around with drums, but when it finally comes hashing it is way more efficient. At a low hasrate option it gives precisely the same hashrate as my l3++ and takes 1/3 less in power and almost no heat exhausted. And for $1,615 with superfast delivery included, see it as good deal. I do not say l3s are bad, but they are quite old…

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Looks great, Steve! I follow your posts closely and want to buy a miner in a while, but out of cash right now. Hope to deal with you shortly! 1246 Avalon is something I am dreaming of.

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My l3++ screams as a beast. hid it in a Igloo cooler, still causes me uncomfort.

I have an LT5 PRO and I like it but I also don’t have any experience with the L3s.

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as in Give me a shout /./ text me - …

I think this table makes it easy to understand efficiency.
It comes down to preference cost of electric power, miner price and availability.
I am also happy with my X5 on LP mode but L7 is way more efficient, I was thinking about L5 but it is probably better to save bit more money to buy L7. For my kW/h cost I prefer to be closer to 1W/MH Rate

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Thank you for sharing. L7 is a behemoth, but $25K. Not my league so far…

Sure I understand, 25 k is quite a lot, now you can get it for bit less but still quite a lot of money, on the other hand it is nice to see numbers compounding once it start to hash. I am going to get additional space hopefully from Feb but it will be still with some power limitations so I need to buy most efficient miners. Let’s see where crypto market will go but I think with actual dip and if it will continue for a while price of miners could get bit more reasonable cause what i have seen happening on KDA was/is quite crazy.

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