Goldshell miner ordering

If I order $1200 or so in products from goldshell shipped to ohio will I have any other costs or hidden fees? It’s time to start this asic journey up…helium isn’t cutting it

nope, its usually whatever they say it will be. however if its shipped to some countries other than the US there are some other customs fees.

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Thank you

As long as you don’t order anything from AKMiner-Scam you should be fine.

I have not bought an ASIC from oversees but from other threads I get the impression that you will still have some fees to pay before receipt of product namely customs fees.

If I remember correctly, there will be duty on anything valued over $800. If you can split it into separate shipments you can save yourself some money.
Also, if you haven’t ordered yet, you can get discount codes from goldshell on Twitter. I saved $69 on each miner this morning.

i paid roughly $500 in customs fee with DHL for a CK-Lite miner i bought from them for about $1700 fwiw

I was exploring best prices for miners. Came across, based in USA. From their Social medias they look very legit, checked for reviews on google. They have almost everything on their website from Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, IbeLink, Lovecore e.t.c… Do check guys, hope you get what you are looking for.
P.S. They accept credit cards and crypto also :smiley:

I’ve used Aaron at Big Sky, good guy.