Goldshell Mini Doge 6 Pin PCIE fire risk?

Just wanted to hear everyones thoughts on the goldshell mini doge wattage through the 6 pin pcie. In hashrate mode its drawing 230+ through the 6 pin pcie which is only rated for about 150. Ive been seeing alot of talk on reddit about dropping down to balanced mode from hashrate mode because the power consumption is lower and safer in regards to a fire risk with the 6 pin. Also been seeing a few posts and youtube videos about peoples cables burning and miners burning out. Thoughts?


My Goldshell mini-doge failed last week as the power connector to the unit started smoking. The plastic in both sides of the connector started to melt and burn exposing the contacts to each other with no insulation between. Good thing it happened mid-day. I would not run these things in your house! Not safe.

Same experience as @Watude - it melted the power supply connector and a little of the miner connector. Super lucky I was home. I’ve since replaced it w/ an ATX PS. I highly recommend not using that brick power supply they provide on the doge miners.

This issue has been already addressed here: