Goldshell MINI-DOGE III Litecoin + Dogecoin Miner (650 MH/s)

Good morning all,

I recently purchased a,

which is the Goldshell MINI-DOGE III Litecoin + Dogecoin Miner (650 MH/s).

My question, which seems self-explanatory, is that it doesn’t come with a power supply, which is unfortunate as I’m still learning about the machines, let alone the power supply unit. (Help with recommendations.)

I’ve bought just to begin with five Avalon Cannon Nano 3’s and this machine above as I’m doing everything from home (well, starting).

I’m not going to be as big as many of you, but it is just a start-up when the machines arrive.

Server PSU, breakout board and cables is what you want. Like this:

Thank you very much. I did forget to mention I’m from the United Kingdom. However, this did give me a rough idea to search online on the United Kingdom eBay!

This is so much cheaper than from Goldshell!

So I appreciate the reply.

that server psu is nice, but for me i loathe it, unless you can get it into a closed off area the small whine/pitch sound when its running made it unbearable for me to have in same room, dont get me wrong its quiet just some odd background noise that i could not use it same room

I’ve got a bunch and the PSU fan only runs up if it gets hot under load. The one I’m in the same room as now is drowned out by the 3 Goldshell’s it’s running. And they aren’t very loud. 1200W PSU with about 700W load is fine. If I add another miner one, then it will ramp up and causes problems in the house. If you had one 400W MiniDoge III on it you would never hear it. If you had 2 at 800W, it might start to spin up. If you got the 700W PSU, I don’t know. 50/50 if that would spin the fan up. I only have one 750 and I use that to run ST Boxes which are only 65W.
That PSU on ebay will work fine in the UK. You just need a power cable that you probably already have, or pop down to Curries and get one. You have 230V power like we do in NZ.

Or a 700W regular ATX PSU with a started jumper would be a nice quiet solution also.

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Thank you for the detailed reply. I will only be using this for the one machine as stated above, as this will be my first to learn.

I’ve purchased a similar PSU as attached above, but for me with the complete UK standard as attached below: