Goldshell mini-doge in Nicehash

How can i set my minidoge to mine in Nicehash? I tried to do so but it goes on and off and hashrate doesn´t pass 40 or 50 mh/s.

Anything I am missing? The miner works OK in other pools.


Following… mine arrives tomorrow

I think it’s not possible. Not compatible.

i set mine up on f2pool in about 5 minutes (and i have no clue what im doing) based on watching a youtube video… ill post actual #s if anyone cares in a few days… time will tell!

Nicehash is not compatible with Goldshell Box ASIC’s. I have 2 ST-Boxes, they will not work on Nicehash and states this on their trouble shooting page. You may want to try DXPool or ViaBTC.