Goldshell MINI-DOGE Q & A

I finally managed to order a MINI-DOGE in the latest Halloween event. Hopefully I can get a few more whenever the next batch drops - for now I’m happy to have one on the way!!
A couple questions:

  1. Can you assign a static IP to the BOX or is it always set for DHCP?
  2. What mining pool is everyone using for best results? ( U.S. Based )
  3. Do you have to pay a 25% tariff on these BOX miners? I didn’t see that included in the price.

You can assign a static IP or dhcp. It comes with dhcp enabled for easier setup.
I started with F2Pool and really liked their interface along with a nice iPhone app. But I switched to litecoinpool and I get a better payout.
However it pays you out in all litecoin (no doge). They take what Doge you would have got and just give that to you in ltc too. So if you like doge you have to convert that on your own if you use litecoinpool.

I also switched from F2 to litecoin and the payouts are better and more flexible. My box keeps dropping off the network every three days for some strange reason. I’m mining other stuff with no issues.