Goldshell Mini-Doge Troubleshooting - Limited Hashrate

Hey guys!

I’ve had my Mini-Doge for about a year and a bit, and so far it’s performed really well with little to no issues. Recently however, it’s been a lot louder than usual. When checking my dashboard, I noticed that the fan speed is almost constantly on max RPM, with my hashrate essentially maxing out around 30mh/s. I restart the miner from the Goldshell dashboard, and sometimes that solves it but other times it doesn’t?

I checked to make sure all the fans are clean and not blocked, and its connected via ethernet to my stable home connection. Very strange that this is only a recent problem, so I was hoping somebody here might have experienced it and found the solution.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :sweat_smile: :green_heart:

Have you taken some compressed air and blown it out for good measure?

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I haven’t! However I did decide to swap mining pools (swapped over to Prohashing), and the problem has seemingly disappeared? Consistent 178-180mh/s hashrate on their pool. Very strange

Try putting a fun under the machine and see what happens I have found hash rate goes up, if you lay a fan down then place the miner on top of the fan air flowing through

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Did you ever figure out a solution? I’m having the same problem. And it would appear that temps aren’t the issue.