Goldshell Mini Doge X2 CKB Box X1 for sale (below retail)

No longer have room for the 3 box miners at my location due to upgrades. Prefer to sell as a package deal, can included Evga 1000w psu. Would like to be paid in LTC or BTC will give discount if this is payment method. I will add additional photos if needed of uptime/ hashrates. eBay feedback if you care horton1224 on eBay

USA Only
All units wifi

PayPal: 690 unit
Package with psu 2170$

BTC payment:
650$ unit

LTC payment:
680$ unit

Package deal

BTC payment:
2050$ with psu

LTC payment:

2140$ with psu

Question you want to ask yourself before you set your price is, would I buy the same exact miner if someone is currently selling it at the price I’m listing?

If you say yes, then there is a chance that someone may come and buy the miners. If you say no, then you will have to wait much longer either until the market recovers and/or if you are willing to accept an offer for lower price.

If you’re not in a rush to sell, then you can be firm on your price and wait until you find someone who is willing to pay at what you’re listing. It’s all about what’s popular and what’s not at current time. Seems like popularity amongst goldshell products except kd models are definitely dwindling down.

I’d be interested in them, no PSU needed, any chance ur coming or shipping to Europe?