Goldshell Mini- Doge

Hey everyone, newbie miner here. I am running 4 Goldshell Mini-Doge miners and the F2Pool data is showing that their hashrates are upwards of 250 MH/s. This is well above what they are spec’d for. Is this a good, unexpected benefit? I have then running on the full Hashrate Mode. My concern is that I am running these too hard and that I may be negatively impacting the life of the miners. Should I back it down to Balanced Mode?

Thank you in advance for all your help!

How long have they been running? Sometimes they take a while to settle. I have one and have seen it go from 150 to 230 but never as high as 250. What does it show for average when you log into the miner locally?

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One has been running for over a month and that one has gone back and forth, but it’s at 230 MH/s right now. I’ve seen it as low as 185 MH/s. The other three I just turned on this morning, so they may just need to level off?

Well, perhaps you just got the golden egg of the silicon lottery. As long as it’s temps stay in check it should be fine. If you are concerned you can always put it in Balance Mode or Low Power Mode on the Miner tab. But I wouldn’t. Mine is running about 77C temps.

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Thanks for the feedback! Greatly appreciated. Temps are right around 72, so sounds like they’re just doing well for the time being! Thanks again!

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