Goldshell Mini Doge

So my first miner - mini doge is useless. Keeps shutting down every 59 seconds.
I can get as far as pool settings and that’s it. No time to enter pool settings as it keeps shutting down before I can get details entered.
Trying to raise a support ticket with goldshell but can not upload video.

I click upload and the folder opens. I can see all the photos but not the video.
Any Ideas how to upload video???

I have done this a million times on other pages so why not this one. Scam???

Please help.


When you upload files to Goldshell there’s a message on the upload page stating the file types they accept along with a 2 meg max file size (which isn’t that big). I think it was just picture file types (no video). Plus you can only attach 1 file. I don’t believe I was able to send them a video until someone from Goldshell replied in email and asked me to attach a video.
Why would you think scam? Just make sure you are on the official Goldshell site at Goldshell dot com.

Thanks JoeJoe,
I just sent it with a photo of the lights on my unit. Will sit and wait to see if they get back to me :slight_smile:

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Just found this video and It got me up and running.
Connected through the wifi at moment. More to learn now that I am in :wink:

Happy days :slight_smile: